My year running in review

This year past I have run 1,000km. That is roughly 10,ooo meters and 100,000 steps taken.

Running has had its ups and downs this year. Like most people, life gets in the way of doing the things we love and we get caught up in the rat race.

My rat race just so happens to be college. Contrary to popular beliefs, college isn’t as fun as some students would let you believe. Between commuting, assignments, deadlines and a social life, it is easy to ‘temporarily’ shelve hobbies.


That being said, running has become a massive part of my life this past year. After settling down in college and finding my bearings around the small city centre of Dublin, I have been able to take to the pavements; running.

This year I decided I would step up my usual, scheduled races and train for the Dublin Half marathon.

At first it was tough to make time for training and I wasn’t always in the mood to get out and run after a long day. However, I told myself each time that if I didn’t hit my weekly kilometre target, that I would regret it come race day. So I dragged myself out each time and often, after the first step, I would leave any doubts behind.

Soon I started to notice that I was no longer talking myself out of going for runs, but talking myself into going for a run. I had created a habit.  It began to creep into other aspects of my life, and just like the decision to take on the half marathon, I began to take on bigger projects in my personal life.img_3060

As race day rolled around I was excited, yet proud by my little journey from a 10km racer to a half marathon survivor. The day flew by in one quick swoop with many words of encouragement from other runners and the rain that kept us wet (but not miserable) for 01:42:50 I was out on the course.


Since the Dublin Half I have finished the Waterford Half Marathon, where I took five minutes off my time in Dublin, only three months ago. I am meeting new people and running in new places. My advice to anyone for the new year would be to lace up your running shoes, because you never know who you might meet out on the road.


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