Tour De France facts

This year’s Tour De France was as dramatic as world class cycling gets. With Chris Froome successfully defending his title again and Irish man Dan Martin securing a top 10 finish.

  1. In 1989, famous cyclist Greg LeMonde won the Tour with 35 shotgun bullets in his body. This was as a result of a hunting accident two years before.
  2. Four riders have died while competing in the Tour. Fabio Casartelli crashed on a decent at 88km/h. Tom Simpson died of a heart attack while attempting to climb the infamous Alpe d’Huez in 1967. In 1935  Francisco Cepeda died after suffering a crash into a revine and Adolphe Heliere passed away after drowning on a rest day.
  3. The oldest stage winner was Firmin Lambot in 1922. He was 36 years old.
  4. The youngest stage winner Henri Cornet in 1904. He was 19 years old.
  5. The average amount of calories used by a rider per day is 5,900 calories. The average man only needs 2,500 calories.
  6. The heaviest rider in the Tour was 97kg. This accolade goes to Swedish rider Magnus Backstedt. This quite large when compared to most riders weighing in at 60-70kg.
  7. 13,000 Gendarmes (French Police) conver the Tour every year. They even came to Yorkshire in 2013 to cover the race. (The Tour started in England in 2013)
  8. Throughout the three weeks of the race, more than 790 bicycle tyres are used by the riders.
  9. The overall winner will receive a prize of €450,000. This will usually be split between the other riders in the team.

The 2014 tour was 2,276 miles long; the longest route was recorded in 1926 at 3,570 miles. 42,000 bottles were used by the teams in this year’s Tour. Over the course of the Tour, riders will sweat enough to flush a toilet 39 times. So, now do you think cycling has earned the title of the toughest sport in the world?


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