Dublin Half Marahton

The Dublin Half marathon had a record amount of people turn up this year with a sell-out race of 9,000 runners.

I was one of those 9,000, but for me, it was my first half marathon. I had been training for months now. I was nervous.

As I stood among the other 1,000 runners around the big luminous 1:30hour ballon I felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of people.


Coming from such a small town this was a culture shock. The race began at 10am, and at 9.55am it began to rain. We were soaked through by the time to gun went off.

We started our 21 kilometre journey at 10.03 am on Saturday morning, the 24th of September. My first few steps over the start line were a wobbly few steps indeed.

Phoenix park was packed to capacity with cars parked in every parking space available. Although those not familiar with the phoenix park had a punishing walk to the start line, as some parked over two kilometre away.

This race will always be remembered as the one race I ran, where I became uncomfortably cold. My knees felt brittle and my fingers were numb. The wind whipped across us when we were in the open, and lingered in the shade.

The course was nice and it was testing. The climbs were deceptively long and built up a lot of fatigue in  my legs over the 21km.

I must thank the few people who gave me some words of encouragement. It went a long way to getting me over the line. When someone is in that much pain, it really is the little things that pick us up mentally.img_2803

Now I will train for the Waterford half that is on this December. I hope to run a solid 1:30hour marathon there. This half really got the better of me and I fell in over the line in 1:42:50.

The race was hotly contested by some elite athletes. In 1st place the Rathfarnham runner, Sean Hehir came in at 01:07:45. He was closely followed by Fikru Teshager, also from Rathfarnham in 01:08:58. Mark Kirwan with Raheny Shamrocks came in 3rd with 01:09:27 on the clock.

1st woman home was Barbara Sanchez in 01:18:26. She was closely followed by Catherina McKiernan in a time of 01:19:27. Caitriona Jennings running for Rathfarnham followed them in with an equally impressive time of 01:20:33.




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