Tick, Tock, Ten by Gerry Duffy

Are you in need of some mid-Summer motivation?

Tick, Tock, Ten (TTT) by Gerry Duffy is the book for you then.

We all know that our motivation to continue our training can drop lower than usual sometimes. Usually we just leave the running shoes at home, or the bike in the hallway for a few days and then go at it all over again.

However, at your low points, instead of scouring YouTube for “Best Motivation 2016” videos, pick up TTT and get lost in the sheer determination and will power that is held within the pages.

The book details very vividly Gerry Duffy’s winning run at the Deca Ironman challenge. This challenge involves 10 ironman distance triathlons in 10 consecutive days. This covers a total distance of:

  • 38km of swimming
  • 1802km of cycling
  • 422km of running

As Gerry says on the first page “it is not for the faint of heart”.

If you are suffering from a deprivation of motivation, then this book will have you itching to get out on the road and the trails once again. Gerry’s account of his training, which generally started around 3am each morning will make you rethink sleeping.

His ability to take on an event that is done mostly in mental isolation shows us mere mortals how strong a person Gerry really is. Often times the marathon taking him into the dark of night with nothing but a head lamp and a pair of running shoes.

His account of hallucinating on the bike will tell you just how far he pushed his mental boundaries.


The physical aspect of this challenge is what someone would expect to be the most demanding part of the challenge. However, it is the mental side of the challenge that impresses anyone who is a long a distance athlete.

This is why the book is perfect for anyone looking for a little ‘pick me up’. Gerry’s mental strength is strong enough to carry a us during our harder days. Hopefully it could be the spark you need to reignite your passion and drive.

Gerry goes on to win the Deca Ironman challenge, which is regarded as one of the toughest races in the world, and also raised money for charity.

If you have an interest in this type of success story, then Gerry also has a book out on called “Who Dares Runs”, about his epic challenge of 32 marathons in 32 countries. Gerry also has a great back story of going from being an over-weight, unmotivated smoker to the long distant machine he is now.

Let this be something to think about when the going gets tough again.

By Nick Moloney


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